What does "youRhere" marker do?

"youRhere" is a great Chrome extension which give you a chance to mark your article reading- progress by just clicking it.

It's all started while I read a very long article on Smashing Magazine when suddenly my wife called me to kick out a poor lost pigeon that got stuck in our porch... Finally when I came back reading the spectacular article, I notice that it took me at least 3 minutes to find out where I stopped.

After a wishful thinking about "Pigeon-Kick-Out" Chrome extension, I decided to start develop a Chrome extension which everyone could use and implement on their websites & blog that will facilitate the users reading.


  • 100% Free
  • Full "rtl" & "ltr" support
  • First time usage wizard
  • Multiple configurability options

How to?

As I said, it's very easy to use and share links via youRhere. Here is a short tutorial of "How to use youRhere Marker?"

  1. Start by downloading youRhere extension to your browser (Currently works only on Google Chrome) and install it.
  2. After the installation the youRhere icon will appear in your browser toolbar. Click it.
    Currently you haven't marked anything yet but don't worry we will come back to it later.
  3. Go to one of your favorite websites and hover with your mouse on an article. Have you noticed the little marker that follow your mouse?
  4. To save your line position just double click with your mouse on the line itself. Go ahead! Try it yourself and see the magic happened!
  5. If you want to removed the marker, you may do so by either double clicking on another line or double clicking on the marker itself:
  6. After marking an article, try to click on youRhere icon on your browser toolbar. You will notice that your mark has been saved there so you could continue reading it later.
  7. youRhere allow you to share the articles you are reading with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. By clicking the "Share" button next to each article you saved.


Contact Us

Currently youRhere is still under development statement. If you find youRhere useful and want it to grow, you can donate us via Paypal by clicking the button below.

Help us to improve youRhere by sending us feedback, repotring a bug and telling us about websites which youRhere doesn't work properly on either by send email to gdblogst [at] gmail [dot] com or Facebook comments.